Word Cookies Guide

You just finished the 1st several puzzle packs in Word Cookies online free. You also thought you’re off to a great start. However, things began to get hard. Perhaps it starts at the Coffee levels, or perhaps at the Vanilla levels. However, you eventually would reach a brick wall. Do not worry. We have some amazing advice just for you.

Be Smart with the Hints

It’s significant to save the gold you have. It is wise if you only utilize them when they’re really needed. Believe us, the levels would become much more complex, and you would require gold coins. There’s nothing bad about utilizing a hint in terrible situations. However, try to follow this advice first! Also, do not forget that there are a lot of sites that offer solutions, answers, and cheats if you want it.


Oftentimes, you’re gazing at the same level for a long period of time. However, the answer would not show. This is a signal that you need to have a break. A fresh mind really would help you out. Solving the game at various hours with a various mindset would let you see interesting and new answers. Additionally, the shuffle offers a fast way to change the level and might provide you a few inspiration.


First, find every simple word. This would provide you a confidence boost. This would also make other words noticeable. We could try to look for the 2-letter words once that is done. There aren’t that many 2-letter words, so this would prove to be within your reach.

Brute Force

Last but not the least, we could simply try to get lucky and trace our fingers. You could simply swipe, or try to strategically do it. Begin swiping with one letter and vice versa.

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