What Type Of Wine Cooler Must You Buy?

Wine coolers are refrigerator units designed for wine storage at a certain temperature. Wine coolers regulate the humidity and temperature of the environment so your wine is able to maintain and mature its flavor without disturbance, unlike your usual wine cellar or kitchen fridge.

There are different types of coolers to choose, from built-in coolers to an under counter wine cooler. If you are new to this, the options could seem a little crushing. However, a wine cooler is not a hard subject though. Once you know the basics, you will be able to know what kind of cooler suits you.


Capacity is the 1st thing you must consider. Ask yourself, “How much wine do I want to store?” Factors that could affect the answer are “how often do you drink wine”, “how much wine type do you want to have”, and if you are storing wine for aging. Coolers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The capacities could run around 6 up to 100 bottles. You will possibly want to have coolers that could store around 15 up to 20 bottles if you are like most people.


Typically, a wine cooler could be installed anywhere, from your basement to your dining room. You could even have one in your own room if you really want to. Coolers have different sizes. However, most of them are small enough to fit in wall nooks or cabinets without taking a lot of space.

Many wine lovers love the design of a built-in wine cooler. However, these should be installed with a lot of consideration. For instance, the space depth you want to install it must be carefully measured so that the wine cooler’s door doesn’t stick out during installation.