What Is Screen Printing?

If ever you are wondering as to how your clothes get all those prints, then one of the most common ways through which this is done is through Screen Printing. This has been a method to embed designs on t-shirts and other fabric that has been used since the year 200 AD, with the introduction of Woodblock printing. It’s so popular, that there are several screen printing services Melbourne which you can avail of nowadays, such as Screenplay Printing Studio, Screen Fiend, and All of the Above. With that said, what exactly is screen printing and what makes it so popular?

Materials Used

There are a lot of materials which can be used in screen printing, which has evolved through the centuries in which this has been used. The most basic elements used in screen printing include inks of various sorts, depending on what the end user wants to achieve, as well as a caviar bead which allows you to print the design onto the shirt of choice. Having only very few materials used makes it a cheaper step, and thus a more affordable one.

Where can it be done?

A lot of the things that you see nowadays is made possible thanks to Screen Printing. Apart from shirts, it is also used to add designs or wordings to things like Balloons, decals, Medical Devices, Signboards, Textiles, Graphics of different sorts, Pinball Machines, and even Semiconductors!

Screen Printing Shops in Melbourne

There is a wide array of screen printing shops in the whole of Melbourne, and apart from the ones mentioned above are Sound Merch, Invertigo Screen Print, Super-Special, Dangerfork Print Co – Giclee and Screen Printing, as well as Digital Print Supplies, all of which offer top-notch quality printing services which you could pretty much rely on.