The Gaming Mouse That Fits Like A Glove

Gamers out there will never really appreciate an amazing mouse until they’ve had put up with a low quality mouse and tried a gaming mouse by chance; it changes the entire gaming experience. Though a regular mouse works just fine for any computer activity, when used in gaming a lot can be asked of from the mouse. Save yourself all the frustration of a mouse that just can’t keep up with you and go for the Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse; 먹튀사이트 Digital Trends highly recommends this mouse.

Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse

Before anything else, since it may come as a shock, the Mamba is sold for $150 which is pretty steep but it’s rather considerable if you think about the features that come with the mouse; the design is pretty solid, the batter life is quite long, of course there’s the classic lighting system and an adjustable Click Force. The latest edition of the Mamba never went through a drastic change from the time that it was initially introduced; it has the long and curved shape. On Mamba’s left side they installed two buttons which is compared to the forward and back options on the typical desktop mouse.

The front area of the Mamba definitely catches the attention, mainly because of the sections that look a lot like jet intakes, though the only real functional feature there would be the depressed Micro-USB hidden below the scroll wheel. The top of the mouse is covered in a rough plastic texture which allows an easier grip compared to soft touch plastic covers on previous models. Mamba’s palm area displays a unique triple-snake logo but this remains unlit in order to save battery life, instead there are two LED strips that slightly peek through the seams.

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