Smashy Road Wanted Cheat: Money Generator

Money generators are considered as the “Horn Drill” of cheats for Smashy road game. If you are an expert gamer, perhaps you know the skill “Horn Drill” from Pokémon red and blue. It is a move where you can instantly kill even the toughest opponent. However, it only has 20% success rate.

Money generators for Smashy Road and other mobile games work the same as “Horn Drill”. It could provide you the best way to the finish line than any other method, but with a low chance.


One advantage is that it quickly works. The entire procedure is less than 1 minute if successful. Another advantage is you can have unlimited money to purchase cars. Next, you can keep your original game. You can also get XP and achievements for your Google Game account.


There is only around 20% average success rate due to game versions and to encryption differences between devices.

How does it Work?

The money hack works by decrypting first the .xml file of Smashy Road. The .xml file is like the long-term memory of Smashy Road. It is where the number representing your money in-game is stored. The generator can easily hack the game once decrypted by removing the old number and replacing it with 9999999.

Decrypting is the tricky part. You can have a completely various encryption key depending on your install time, Smashy Road version, and device version.

There are a lot of keys in existence in total. To create an algorithm for each key, it will take a life time. So, instead, we use the 80/20 method and target the 100 most popular time stamp combinations, game version, and devices. This gives around 20 percent success rate, the same as the “Horn Drill” skill of Pokémon red and blue.

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