Significant Facts About Marijuana

Many people are taking abused drugs and marijuana is one of the most popular and used the abused drug in the world. There are over 200 street names can be seen of this drug and grass, Mary Jane, skunk, dope, weed and gangster are some most common names. Marijuana can be used by vaporization and smoking as a cigarette.

Basically, it is a green or gray mixture of some leaves which are taken from the plant cannabis. A big question arises in the mind of people that where is weed legal and if you are finding the answer to this question than there are many specific states. You can easily take this drug in such states legally.

Symptoms and signs

If we talk about the effects of using this drug then there are a lot of symptoms and signs. Now I am going to describe some effects of taking marijuana in the further article by which you can easily get the vital knowledge regarding this.

  • Users feel relax and they don’t have any burden on the mind after taking this because it takes them on the highest level of relaxation.
  • It increases the heart rate rapidly and also affects the memory on a huge level.
  • When a person takes this continuously then it also decreases the concentration power. It is fact that some sensitive people mentally ill by taking this harmful drug.
  • Dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, drowsiness are some other effects which are produced by marijuana intoxication.

A lot of people are facing many problems of a long term use of marijuana. While it is abused drug but we can’t deny the negative effects which can harm health a lot. The high addiction of this can take you to the death so you should consume it in a limited amount.