Returning to Work after Rhinoplasty in Toronto

Are you a working man or woman who is going in for Nose Plastic Surgery? You will need to take some time off from work, to undergo the surgery. The number of days you need to rest is determined by many factors. Rhinoplasty in Toronto will last for only 2 hours and may extend by a few more hours if required.

Returning back to work is your option, depending on the working atmosphere and how you feel about your appearance.

  • You will require rest for about two days if your work is light and involves deskwork. If you are not worried about others comments, you will require just a couple of days off work.
  • You will uncomfortable about your appearance for about a week when your nose will have a case over it and the swelling will be obvious. For better appearance, you can rest for about a week or take time off for two weeks when the swelling will come down further.
  • If you have a more active work such as a physical trainer or a nurse, you can rest for two weeks before joining duty.
  • Your voice will sound a bit congested for a few days. If you need to speak over the phone frequently, you can wait till your voice recovers.

You can start light work after two days of the Rhinoplasty in Toronto. But it is best to take a week off. Protect the area around the incision with sufficient sunscreen for better healing. The incision will not be seen at all after 2 to 3 months. And you will be completely healed in a month. Depending on how you feel about appearing in public with your swellings and bruises around the nose can make you determine the time period you will need after the surgery to be away from work.