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The oon is a new type of multi-outlet power cord for living.  Combining logical function and thoughtful design, it beautifully organizes plugs and blocky adapters that are ubiquitous in our lives.  Three electrical sockets designed to flex and rotate conform to different situations, allowing for all connections to be utilized and organized.  Deliberately crafted, details in wood, metal, plastic and fiber compliment and complete one another.

oon uses self-contained sockets made in the USA that are polarized for added safety.  The sockets are enclosed in hard maple for durability.  The premium cloth cord extends an extra six feet to a polarized plugin.   


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hard maple from Connecticut
3 Polarized outlet
125V AC / Amp Rating 10A / 1250 Watts
6 Feet zig zag cloth cord
Conductors: 2
Outlets: 3

Suitable for use with indoor lamps, small appliances and accessories


design and made in



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