Olympic Game Facts That You Might Have Gone Unnoticed

The Olympic Games incite a lot of emotions among fans and viewers from all over the world; patriotism, awe, appreciation, wonder and so on. Athletes have dedicated their whole lives to be able to earn a chance to win that prestigious gold medal and fans across the globe cheer them on. Regardless if you’re an obsessed fan or someone who just likes to ride the bandwagon, the Olympic Games remains to be an exciting event; we can’t say the same for agent bandarqq. Because the games won’t be here for some time, for now just settle for facts that center around the Olympic Games.

Random Olympic Facts

  • London was the first city to host the Olympic Games for a total of three times.

  • Back in the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, Michael Phelps was able to take home eight gold medals; this is the highest number of gold medals won by a single person at a time.
  • The only sport where men and women battle it out against one another on equal terms is equestrianism.
  • In 2012, the London Philharmonic Orchestra invested grueling 50 hours in recording the individual anthems of all participating nations in the Olympics.
  • At every closing ceremony, three different flags are raised. The first flag is the Greek flag as a way to honor the birthplace of the entire game. The second is the flag of the host country and the last is the flag of the next hosting country.
  • In order to accommodate the beach volleyball, which was held at the Horse Guards Parade, over 5,000 tons of sand had to be transferred all the way from Surrey to London.

  • The birthplace of the Paralympics is considered to be at Stoke Mandeville located in Buckingham shire; soldiers in recovery participated in town’s games.