Instagram Marketing: Pro’s and Con’s

Instagram is a social media platform that allows an account holder to take and publicly or privately share pictures. To any marketer the ability to visually present a product is valuable.

Instagram allows a business owner to be as creative and as resourceful in taking and posting pictures as one can be. With a single account a business owner can post new products and show how such products are made. Visit our homepage and discover the cheat to get Instagram followers fast and easy.

Instagram Marketing: Pro's and Con's


Customers are able to see products posted by the businesses they follow. By being creative and taking the right pictures a business can be able to show exactly what it offers and attract new interested customers.

The business gets real time responses from customers,comments about how the products look and where they can be improved,are helpful in knowing what the customers want. The use of Instagram is steadily growing which means that a business is able to advertise its products to millions of people who visit Instagram daily.

This gives the marketer thousands of potential new customers from one pictures.Setting up a business account is as simple as a normal account and if a business establishes a good following it can get it brand name and products out.


Most of the people on Instagram are young, this means that to marketers aiming for an older demographic, Instagram may be not be useful. People on Instagram are mainly there to connect with there friends and families, to post a few pictures of what they are up to and to see what their favorite celebrities are up to.

This means that a marketing post,by some, may be seen as annoying and time wasting. Advertising on Instagram is expensive,this means that only a few big companies can be able to afford.

Although setting up an account and making posts of what you have is free, getting a good following requires a lot of work. A marketer has to post great pictures daily, sometimes even more than once and read through the comments then reply. This may take some time.

Despite the con’s, Instagram marketing will continue to grow and more creative ways to market will come up because there is a wide market reach on Instagram.