Guide to Buying the Right Skates in an Ice Skating Store

It is important that you choose which activity you particularly want to do before you even consider purchasing a pair of ice skates. Each type of ice skating has its own particular skate needs which you really must be aware of before buying anything.

Figure Skates

Figure Skating needs players to deliver quick turns, spins, and jumps in highly arranged movements. As the outcome, a figure skater requires being very supple and, if possible, leather fashioned. Also, the blades of figure skating must be really sharp to match the need for accuracy of the performer. Every blade runs laterally on the base of the boot.  At the front, it is accompanied by a toe-pick. This allows for easier spinning and jumping.

Ice Hockey Skates

Though figure skating is built for grace and speed, ice hockey skate is made to endure the physical weights of a powerful high-contact sport. The boots of an ice hockey aren’t made to fit the ankles of the competitor. Rather, they are more slender and flatter. It also has no toe-pick at the front. Keep in mind that an ice hockey skate is lighter than a figure skate. However, it provides more support to the performer’s feet.

Speed Skates

Speed skaters need really quick feet movement. This allows for fast progress in the race across an ice. Because of this, a speed skate has a very thin and long blade that goes further each end of the skate. Likewise, a lot of speed skating blades are made so that they aren’t attached to the boot’s heel. This prevents blades from digging into the ice and slowing the player down with friction. Speed skating isn’t suggested to amateur skaters. So, try to avoid purchasing a pair of speed skates.