Create Groups To Chat Easily

There are various kinds of messengers available and the only way you could send a message to a person is on through an SMS or an email in the past, however these days you do not have to waste any money when you want to say something to people. You can now send a free message using various messengers across the globe within seconds. Although other chat apps has been one of the leading messenger services these days it looks like whatsapp is about to take over and become the leading messenger service.

While other chat apps took over the BBM industry in a short time span whatsapp messenger is now becoming one of the most talked about messengers mainly because it is very convenient to use and unlike other chat apps you can use your Whatsapp messenger on your computer as well. This is one of the only messengers that can be downloaded on various mobile platforms including Android, IOS and windows and it can also be downloaded on your computer which makes it one of the most convenient messengers to have. You can even update your status for whatsapp and show your friends what you are doing. Unlike other chat apps Whatsapp messenger uses phone numbers in order for you to connect with other people so you do not have to provide your other details.

This messenger is not limited to the number of people on your contact list but it is available all over the world. You can always choose to privatize your account if you do not want to speak to people you do not know. Remember to keep your Whatsapp ID separate from your Twitter ID or your Instagram ID since this is an easy way for people to track you down on Whatsapp messenger and try to get in touch with you. Whatsapp messenger also has a blocking feature that keeps away unwanted people and with the help of the messenger you can always to use to block them permanently.